We meet every first Thursday of the month at the Red Lion in Earlswood, Solihull, B94 6AQ

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Forums & Information

The online beach buggy community forum for the UK thanks to Dave DnD. You will find most of our members on here and a great place to find information, get help and make new buggy friends

Beach Buggy Club

A great beach buggy forum for the whole world run by Jonathan AOrange. A brilliant place to find information, get help and make friends from around the big wide world

Beach Buggy Brummies

A great source of information and buggy related products, written and managed by one of our very own MBC members - Hazel Buller

Manx Maniac

A brilliant compilation of everything buggy from the UK bough to you by Peter Gibb. A huge resource and loads of photos. Pull up a chair as you may just be there all night

Doon Buggies

The Classic Evolves’. A modern take on the beach buggy concept. Designed by Chad & Rich from the MBC and still available in LWB and SWB kit form exclusively from VOLKSMAGIC in Oldbury, West Midlands

FF Buggies UK

The classic FF Moulds have been reworked and bought out of retirement. Now available in LWB and SWB from Ilkeston in Derbyshire, brought to you by Steve Green

East Coast Buggies

Suppliers of the Classic Manx, Sidewinder, Prowler and Bounty Hunter SWB kits and in partnership with Kingfisher Kustoms, the GT Buggy LWB kit. Based in Rutland, Leics

JAS Buggies

Available in both LWB and SWB form, the JAS buggy kit is supplied by John and Sharon


Lee Southerton is the main man behind VolksMagic, based in the West Midlands. A huge custom workshop alongside a specialist VW only breakers makes Volksmagic a one stop shop for all your buggy needs. They can offer anything from full turn key buggy builds, to chassis shortening, spray jobs, wiring and custom build roll cages. One off custom work a speciality. Volksmagic also sell the Doon Buggy Kit.

Kingfisher Kustoms

One of the oldest VW buggy and rail specialists in the UK based in the West Mids. KK have a front of house VW parts shop and full workshop facilities whilst offering the GT Buggy kit through East Coast Buggies

Vintage Volkhaus

If you want a custom Stainless Steel exhaust for your buggy then drop Mike Hausman a message. Every exhaust is made to order and to your own specific design. Awesome hand crafted work

Rugs for Bugs

Hand made hard wearing and waterproof made to order carpets and mats. Made to order to any colour and to perfectly fit your buggy

Bromsgrove Auto Trimmers

Worcestershire based auto trimmers who can not only trim your seats and interior but can also manufacture a bespoke soft top for your buggy

Southern Dune Buggy Club

The second oldest still active buggy club in the UK catering specifically for all our south east based buggy brothers and sisters

South West Buggy Club

Recently re-formed in 2015 by Dave DnD of Beach Buggy Info and Paignton to bring together all our South West buggy brethren

Buggy Club Belgie

The newest club in Belgium - run by our great friends that mad Belgium guy - Patrick Hermans and our very good friend Toon Oodencamp

Algemene Buggy Club

The largest club in europe from Netherlands. A great bunch of orange folk who bring a huge contingent to the International Buggy Weekend

Buggy Club Rheinland

Run by the huge Schmeidy, a good bunch of German buggy freaks who always make the international weekends fun

UK Manufacturers

Specialist Workshops & Parts

Other Buggy Clubs