We meet every first Thursday of the month at the Red Lion in Earlswood, Solihull, B94 6AQ

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During the 1990’s, if you owned a beach buggy you were more than likely a member of the National Buggy Register, as well as your own local classic VW club. The NBR organised a series of unforgettable annual beach racing events at Cleethorpes Beach, known as DYNO (Drive your Nuts Off).

By the late 90’s the NBR was no more and after becoming fed up with being accused of ‘destroying classic cars’ by purists at their relevant VW clubs, the Midland Buggy Club was formed in January 1998 by a bunch of friends from the Black Country and Birmingham.

The MBC came about to specifically cater for owners and enthusiasts of VW based beach buggies, bajas and sandrails, being concerned more with friendship, good fun and knowledge sharing than ‘restoration correctness’.

During the mid 2000’s the whole of the buggy scene in the UK seemed to be suffering and the number of regular MBC attendees began to dwindle.

However the explosion of Internet forums and social media helped spark a resurgence in buggy interest and help bring enthusiasts together. People with buggies could now more easily communicate with other local owners, find local clubs and find out about meetings and gatherings.

The MBC were one of the clubs to benefit greatly and we are now one of the best attended clubs in the UK.

Every year there are now more and more buggy specific events attended by the MBC, culminating in the annual attendance of the International Buggy Weekend held across Europe.

Playing on the beach in Cleethorpes at DYNO 1996 - Pre MBC days

At the Sandwell Historic vehicle Show 1998 - The birth of the MBC